So I am sure you are all familiar with Streamate and its ongoing issues with girls getting naked for free.

I have heard threw the grapevine that if you are caught showing under the belt nudity in your free lobby, then you will be suspended for 2 days and receive a $200 fine. So why Streamate is not taking action or having one of their own browse throughout the day to ween out the rule breakers is beyond me.

The site is for girls to make some cash, and do private shows. We are permitted to show boobs for free, (if we choose) But the majority of us Americans and the Canadians choose to flash for GOLD

It’s rare to see an American/Canadian  Break the rules, because it’s mostly the Colombian girls, but when I do come across one of  our own, It sickens me, and is very, very disappointing.  All of us English speaking women are what make the site great, not make it trashy!

I will most definitely admit that on my spare time I go through every live girl to see what they are up too. And if they are breaking a Rule, I will cap them. I have yet to send this set to whom it needs to go to in Streamate Support. But I have a few that have been sent, So if you have gotten a warning or fine and you are shown on this list, It was probably me that turned your skanky ass in, get over it!

Be fore warned, This first picture I capped, I have no idea what the fuck is happening.

Its quite confusing!

Below are all photos from Yesterday!


Ah, Finally! So there you have it! There are entirely too many rule breakers not being punished. But I can assure you, If I were to whip my pussy out in free lobby, Id be Warned, Fined, Banned, you name it!

Its the bitches no one gives a shit about that are getting away with it.

So now onto a more serious note, and total BULLSHIT

Meet Madison!

This here, is MadisonQT from Streamate.

A webcam model almost ALWAYS online.

Her real name? TESSA TAYLOR

An attractive, not so well known Porn girl.

Accused in many places of the internet to be one big lie.

Madison has a habit of getting on cam where ever she can, and asking you… “where are you from?

No matter what your answer will be, she will respond to you with an “omg what a coincidence, I am moving there next week!”.. Or something along those lines.

“BUT… I still need a little more money before I can”

She will continue to solicit you for money, when in fact, she is not moving!

Okay okay, Enough about her background, Lets get to the real shit.

MANY many MANY guys have gotten private shows from her via Streamate.

She has almost 400 member comments on her page.

and She has never once actually been LIVE on cam.

She is a Video, who is behind the computer running the video? MADISONQT AKA Tessa Taylor!

I dedicated an entire day to watching her in her free lobby, and Noticed quite quickly that it was a Looped video. Over and Over and Over again. She has recorded many videos, Different outfits and backgrounds, all Looped.

I reported her, and now 2 month later.. guess who’s still raping men for their money on streamate? Thats right, I don’t even have to answer that question, you already know!

I was told by someone in streamate support that the situation was being investigated and that Miss MadisonQT would not be placed in a creditable spot on the streamate website.

Now I am curious about something. Does streamate only consider the first row of cams on the first page creditable? Because I have repeatedly seen her on the first page towards the bottom.

I actually Urge you guys to search her on Streamate and watch her. You will notice the loop, that after she gets taken private, her screen is black when it comes back, then the video will start all over again.

Here is Madison right at the very moment. How much do you want to bet that 15 hours from now you will look her up and she will be doing the same exact thing you see her doing now?

I’m glad to see that out of all those poor suckers wasting their money to see her “Show” That a few of them were thinking with the right head.

I am not exactly sure what needs to be “investigated” seeing as I brought her to their attention two months ago, Had video proof (which I was told to keep to myself  to avoid other camgirls from beefing even more than they already were)

And I had links with proof of who she really was. Streamate DID confirm that Tessa Taylor did sign up, sign the papers, and send in her ID. So this is no means a case of some guy trying to make money off her previous live shows. This is HER trying to make money without doing any work. She is a lazy money hungry cunt, and frankly needs to be run the fuck off the internet.

Shes also guilty of breaking the No nudity in free lobby rule. But Its rare to see that from her. I suspect her of walking away from her computer briefly, not getting a chance to stop her video.

This photo was from today:

And this photo is from the day I turned her in to support:


So there you have it. I figure if No one is going to do anything about these things, then I will. I will continue to expose Tessa Taylor for the grimy money hungry whore she is, And I will continue to cap, and post all other rule breakers, after sending their caps to support.

If Rules on streamate were actually enforced, I don’t think the rest of us hard working girls would have to go through the amount of shit we normally go through.

The girls who are naked free, the guys direct them free, and the girls listen. Which makes the guys think that they can get away with that with all the girls. I cannot count how many times Someone has asked me how much gold for pussy, and I have told them it is against the rules, so they would have to take me private to see that, and they say.. “ohh come on, you wont get in trouble, there are so many girls on here that are naked and masturbating in free chat”


* I must also add that this blog was not to bash streamate what so ever, I love streamate more than any other site on the internet. This was made to address the real issues, 100% fact, and to warn guys of lying girls.

I can only hope that streamate will soon start to enforce all of their rules listed in there “code of conduct”

And I hope all men will be smarter when taking a girl for a show. Don’t pay for a video. Observe your choice, make sure she has sound, and is communicating with her chat.

Check back for later updated on more rule breakers. I am also currently investigating another girl who seems to be a loop, but will keep secret until I am 100% sure


  1. Hi Amy – I just wanted to say great work on the Streamate blog and thanks for commenting on mine as well. Sadly, not much seems to be done about these girls unless people like us report then, and still they are back on after a day or so even IF they get suspended. I stopped reporting them to SM, but I still post some on my blog when I too have some free time!

  2. I am a cam girl and I feel the say way I send screen shots all the time but certain forums wont name names lash me because I feel the same way like you saying I am a cam police and honestly I never go back to that forum, most of these girls on these forums dont get it maybe they are the ones who show free stuff and getting away with it. i will continue being the cam police because all these girls are playing with my bread and butter and I dont want to see streamate shut down good job.

  3. hi amy
    i agree with you i am a cam girl on stremate and i cap those bitches all the time because it my competion when i work hard and the girl next to me is showing free for gold pussy, the bitch take my money and rake the guys in her room why whould they come to mne where free pussy is passing . lot of bitches in the forum dont agree with you actually buffy did a thread on you on there. cap them as we see them good work girl. call us cam police it all good.

    • LOL, What forum is this? If any girl does not agree with me, she is a complete and total idiot, with a shitty business motto.

  4. Nobody on the forum said they didnt agree, And nobody was talking shit about you.
    Well actually , yea , a few where, But only because you make fun of girls publicly on your blog, so you got made fun of publicly.
    And nobody started a thread about you, Thats a complete lie, This ashy person is just trying to hurt your feelings, I wouldnt read to much into it.

    • LOL. Publicly making fun of someone for publicly making fun of someone. Hmmm. Extremely hypocritical. Might make me look like a bitch, but makes them look dumb as fuck.

  5. let me message you priv.

  6. they called you white trash on the 3rd page and a snitch.just type in googgle streamate suspension.

    • Haha. I couldn’t give a shit what anyone calls me. As far as “snitching” goes. This aint the streets bitches. There is no “snitching.” The rules are in place, and you all are my competition. I am definitely someone everyone likes to watch, So If I were to break a rule, I’d be accepting the consequences the very same hour. So why the fuck would I let another get away with whoring out her links? Lets be real here.
      I speak my mind, and none of you can handle it. So lets keep it that way and stay off my shit :)

  7. Since theres no snitching involved, I took the time to repay you for your kindness, and screen capped you breaking the rules, and sent it to streamate, you should hear from them soon.

    “So If I were to break a rule, I’d be accepting the consequences the very same hour.” That is what you said right above, well two nights ago you were advertising videos, which would require offsite contact, you were also split camming with rude, and had your boyfriend on your solo account, trying to get a couple show together. YOU are a rule breaker, and hopfully streamate doesnt show favortism and cracks down on you!

    Although you have never attacked me personally, you have attacked americanmade, who is my friend for having a banner up, and thats in poor taste, and although I dont know the rest of the girls, putting their pics up publically is in wrong. You will likely try to sit in my room and try to get revenge, and you can if you like, I do not break rules, like you.

    Dont like why I said “well I speak my mind”. Try to handle it.

    • LOL. Thanks for making my night. Not sure why you want to make it publicly known how much of a pussy ass bitch you are, but so be it! Little did you know sweetheart, My fiance, the man on cam with it, is already a documented streamate performer. NICE TRY THOUGH… TRY TO HANDLE IT ;)

  8. amy i am all behind you all the way,xoxo good job

  9. Tessa Taylor had a baby. i know her real name. Im frends with her on fb. Do you wanna confront her?

  10. hey amy, i found madisonqt on a fake cam site.It even mentions the trick that madison says “she is moving near you”

    check it out!!

  11. First of all you cant have your bf on your solo account documented performer or not.
    If you were super pretty and interesting you’d have no reason to waste your time snooping around on streamate to see who is “breaking rules.” its a webcamming competition, not competition for a lawyer to be the best and make partner at his firm. Meaning People are going to break rules alllllllll day looooooong. Anytime you have a business like webcamming that is centered around the sex industry, (already a taboo not respected subject for mainstream society) NO ONE INCLUDING PERFORMERS WILL RESPECT THE BUSINESS. especially when you have a smart non US company that is literally ripping off girls by taking two fucking thirds of their money. Get real and get a hobby, or maybe read an article.

  12. Good work Amy!! I was wondering what you think about EmilySweet? Do you think her shows are prerecorded?

  13. That explains that after 2 and a half weeks why I left Streamate. When girls are easy and free it just makes it easy to attract most of the scummy cheap guys. Not to mention, the studeo I worked with had confiscated my check just because I decided on quitting and didn’t want to waste my time with the sight and the management.

  14. good sex

  15. If you want to add more “video” Streamate models to this growing list of non-preformers.

    Here’s one they seem to want to ignore/keep alive.


    She’s actually recordings of KiraSinn aka Mika Sparx. Has 5 different videos and like all the video models, No Sound and a nice black screen to let you know where the loop in the video is.

    Streamate does take action against some “video” models so my guess I that some are run by Streamate themselves and others are people running ManyCams taking advantage of Streamate abundance of “video” models to hide among.

    The one they took down was AriaSwag and I think they only took it down because the Original model Gia_Grace was from Streamate.

  16. Do you have a section where others can post about fake cam models? If so, OlivaPunk and Melody18 are fakes. They both use prerecorded loops like MadisonQT. OlivaPunk is posing as the porn star Asphyxia Noir. Some have caught on to Melody18, but no one seems to realize OlivaPunk is a fake. Which is surprising since they’re being fooled by a porn star recording.

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